Leftovers 1.3: In which I share my undercooked art with everybody and my mother, who recently started reading my blog (hi Mom!)

This one’s a leftover in the most concrete sense. It’s my first complete-ish comic, in that it is both penciled and inked (as you can see from the pencil marks I haven’t figured out how to erase without messing thing up). I drew the first draft in 2015, which you can tell from the essay in the hands of the woman in the last panel, and I finished the inking today while I listened to the live stream of the first Rights of Nature symposium held at Tulane University Law School. Personally I felt I heard some parallels between the entitlement I was witnessing at the coffee shop that day and some of the concepts of property law that Karenna Gore talked about in her keynote. Anyway, grand aspirations aside, here are comics, displayed for you complete with a shocking lack of concern for the whole idea of completeness (also for correct apostrophe use). I invite you, if you know, to tell me about how to erase my pencil marks in the comments. If you don’t know how, I invite you to make up a method and tell me about that, so that it becomes a fun game of trying to tell which ones will ruin everything. Enjoy!

what's mine is yours

whats mine is yours p 2