whale book cover

If you missed the stage production of The Story of the Orca’s Silver Tongue this week at the Tank, you can still get the poem in its other iteration as a hand cut and handprinted chapbook-zine with linocut illustrations by the illustrious Laura Stinson and poem by me. I hand-carved the letters, sewed the bindings, hand-cut the paper, and printed every page. So, ladies and gentlepersons, in addition to a surreal queer love story/ origin myth / Taco worship tome about a fast food manager and a whale that’s really a dolphin that’s really a god, this first edition represents the first two seasons of The L Word rewatched, All of H is for Hawk on audio, all of Enders Game, on which don’t get me started, and season two of The Wire. My mind is confused with dramedy, my house smells like ink, and the end result is pretty smart if I do say so myself:

whale book interior

There are just a few copies left of this first printing, and if you’d like to own one of them, send me an email at allsoilscontact@gmail.com with your order. I’ll send you an invoice for twenty bucks through square, and put your hand-printed chapbook in the mail post haste.

This commercial ended, I’ll wheel my wheelbarrow on out of here.