Yes We Have No



Welcome to YesWeHaveNo. It’s the place to find writing and other media by Nina Budabin McQuown. That means there will be dirt, blood, mud, plants, filth, meat, books, and puppets. There will be lots of compound sentences. Nina has a lot to say at once.


Nina Budabin McQuown is a poet, essayist, and puppeteer originally from the Bronx. They are currently at work on Cruise Ship, a burlesque epic about a queer afterlife. Parts of Cruise Ship have been adapted in puppetry with Anna Lublina and staged at Bread and Puppet, and at festivals and theaters in NYC. Nina lives in Washington, DC, where they garden for a living, make zines, write and perform in puppet shows with Wit’s End Puppets and are series editor for the Hilary Tham Capital Collection imprint with The Word Works Press. You can find their poems and reviews published or forthcoming with, SAND, The Cimarron Review, The Kenyon Review OnlineHotel Amerika, and Rabbit Catastrophe. You can find their essays, contact info, and all the rest here at

You can follow them on twitter @AllSoils and reach them at allsoilscontact @