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I make zines, and on this page, you can find information, sample pages, and ordering links for them. To order, you can send me an email at and I will respond with an invoice through Square. All prices include US postage.

We Are Now An Eager Beaver !!! ¦A Choose Your Very Own Surrealist Poetry Adventure Zine.

(2018, 28 pages) $4

Assembled from scraps of text ranging from your local east coast trucking newsletter to Robinson Crusoe, this choose your own poetry adventure zine lets you take a turn through a surrealist landscape populated by fish sandwiches, calipers, caliper hardware, homofuturist magic, and goats.


beaver p 1

The Story of the Orca’s Silver Tongue As Told by the Manager of the Only Taco Bell in Juno

(2018, 16 Pages) $20

Illustrated with linocuts by the inimitable Laura Stinson and with hand-cut letters by me, this zine is an illustrated edition of the first poem in the Orca series from Cruise Ship (the epic poem I’ve been working on for almost as long as the Trojan war lasted). It’s all about whale gods and queer desire. Printed by hand and on a hand-cranked antique letterpress, I made it for Anna Lublina’s  puppetry performance based on the poem at the Tank in 2017, so there are just a few left of this first printing. Not to worry though, more are on their way in time for DC Zinefest in July!


whale book cover

whale book interior

Agricomics #1 ¦ Chicken Killing

(Forthcoming, 20 Pages) $5

Agricomics is a sporadically serialized zine of comic memoirs related to my life and times as a farmer, gardener, and general dirty person. The first issue will be ready in July of 2018, and is unsuitable for vegans and tender-hearted omnivores.


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